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Q & A

What is EHYM?

EHYM is a youth ministry in East Harlem. We serve middle schoolers & high schoolers under the age of 18.

Who runs EHYM?

A few committed, pre-screened adults (who have passed required background checks) who love youth and love Jesus oversee each of the weekly meetings.


Three East Harlem churches collaborated in 2018 to create EHYM: Redeemer East Harlem (REH), Metro Hope Church (MHC), & Church of the Living Hope (CLH). The programming for EHYM is currently fully run by REH & MHC, 

I don't attend any church, can I still come?

YES! EHYM is for all middle schoolers & high schoolers. You can come if you have never attended a church! We want you here!

What happens at EHYM?

Essentially: games, pizza, conversation, hanging out with other teens. It's fun. It's about connecting and sometimes, it can get deep. 

I am an adult who would like to volunteer at EHYM, who do I contact?

You can contact

How long has EHYM been around?

We began planning EHYM in late 2018 and launched it in early 2020. 

Can I bring my friend/neighbor/cousin?

YES! As long as they are in middle school or high school and are under the age of 18.

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